Antiquarian Art Co.
New York Hotel Interior Design Watercolor by MacMasters
Jozef Israels Dutch Fisherman's Wife Beach Holland
Carl Jonnevold California Impressionist Landscape
Vintage Japanese Woodblock Print on Silk by Nisaburo Ito
Maurice Braun California impressionist landscape
Tom Christopher Day and Night New York City
On Request
Fredric Schafer Yosemite Valley Inspiration Point
Antique Oil Painting Fall Landscape Painting
Adrian Van Ostade Eching Village Romance 1667
Michele Cascella landscape painting Italian art
Serge Ivanhoff Drawing Nude Paris 1945 Russian Art
Italian Neapolitan Gouache Moonlight Bay of Naples Painting
Antique 18th C. Watercolor Birds Ornithological Study 1776
French Art Nouveau Dancer by Louis Legrand
Horse Portrait Landscape by Harold Macintosh
Antique Italian Watercolor Landscape by Vincent Blatter
Vintage Mid Century Painting Standing Nude Model by Harry Barton
Chinese Wedding Cabinet fine Chinosserie antique c.1860